Why DNA?

Imagination + Technology.

At DNA it’s all about you: your business, your goals, your success. We put our imagination, creativity, business acumen, and technological expertise on the line to explore the world of infinite possibilities.

About Us 

We love what we do.

Since 2000 we have developed web site and marketing relationships with over 400 businesses in all types of industries across the globe. We’ve designed their web sites, identities, print and media campaigns, and marketing strategies along with developing product branding by consistently and powerfully communicating their message. We enjoy successful, long term client relationships.

Our staff is diverse and talented in all aspects of web site technology and marketing. We love what we do, and it shows in the solutions we produce.

How do we do it?

We use technological evolution blended with innovation and creativity to steer the development of your web presence.

We use the top operational web systems and tailor them to your needs. We can also use them as a jumping off point and dramatically customize these programs to fit your unique or changing requirements. If necessary, we can write a custom web application for you.

You’ll benefit with powerful, flexible, and friendly technology spun together with DNA’s ingenuity and inspiration.

Our Process

Assess | The Learning Phase

We open our minds and dig deep into your industry and what you’re looking to accomplish. We ask lots of questions to better understand your goals, competitors, and business plan.

Plan | Let’s Make Application

With our knowledge gained from the assessment phase, we morph that into a realistic action plan. At this time we construct a project time line, budget, key information contacts, approval process, and a clear set of expectations for both your team and ours.

Create | Get Our Hands Dirty

Using the strategic plan, we create the design and concept and the project begins to take form. Our minds don’t stop working until we’ve found the best solutions to accomplish the project goals.

Build | The Production Phase

Project is designed, coded, proofed, refined, and enriched based on the design, concept, and agreed solutions from the create phase.

Deploy | Bring Out the Eagle Eyes

Project is extensively reviewed and checked by various members of the collaborative team until we have the final proof and approval for live deployment. This includes thorough user testing, quality assurance, and browser compatibility testing.

Analysis | Manage, Refine and Grow

With the live solution in place, we review the effectiveness and correct and refine if necessary to increase results. Utilizing tracking tools, we continually monitor results and growth over time.