Website vs. Web Site – Which one is right?

Since the launch of our new website on the WordPress platform, we’ve strategically used the term “website” all throughout our pages. This morning though, when looking through our content, the question was brought up whether it should be spelled website or web site.

After some quick Googling, grammatically “web site” may be more accurate, however, “website” is more widely used. Look at the below Google Trends Search:

Google Trends - Website and Web Site

Website vs Web Site – Which term is correct?

Website is way more popular than Web Site! So, there you have it! As a company, we’ll design either (as they are exactly the same product) a web site or website for a client! We prefer to use the term website as it’s more popular and widely used.

This is also a good example of not sticking to the dictionary because it’s grammatical, rather, focusing on terms that are actually used. For search engine optimization, keep this in mind and do your research!