Website Security Scanner

With the horror stories about websites getting hacked and leaving businesses stranded, we’ve created a proactive approach to protecting our client’s websites. Introducing our Website Security and Integrity service that regularly monitors your websites activities, and if an issue is found, we fix it for you.

Caution Sign

Stop hackers from ruining your website, be proactive.

Let’s face it, there is an alarming amount of hackers trying to penetrate any website they can. We’ve seen this over and over again on our clients’ websites, especially with the use of open sourced third party plugins and potential security issues with each.

We’d like to introduce our Website Security/Integrity Scanning service that not only notifies us of any issues, but also fixes any problems caused from hackers.


  • $50 setup fee
  • $20 per month per site

What we monitor:

  • Website / Blacklists
  • DNS
  • Whois
  • SSL Certificates
  • Website Changes

What we fix:

  • If your site gets hacked, blacklisted or infected with malware, we fix it for you. If your site is clean, we monitor it to let you know if a problem ever happens.

Have a little more peace of mind and protect your website investment with our monitoring and remediation service. Contact us for more information.