Only Receiving In-House Emails

First off, if you subscribe to the spam filter Red Condor your e-mail address has to be entered in your Red Condor account. You will need to find out if you subscribe to this by contacting us and having your e-mail address set up (please note that even if you don’t want pay for this e-mail address to be filtered by Red Condor it still has to be set up under your account and will be unfiltered)

If you do not use Red Condor and are using Outlook or any other third party e-mail program you will need to trouble shoot this problem through your companies web-mail.

If you are unfamiliar with how to access web-mail please go to this page:
Web Mail

Once you have logged into your web-mail account have someone send you a tester e-mail that is not from your companies e-mail address.

If you do receive the tester e-mail in your web-mail account then it is not an error with DNA’s e-mail servers but is an error in the Outlook account (or whichever third party account you may be using). Now that we are partnered with CORE Business Services we can provide support for this issue.

If you don’t receive the tester e-mail in your web-mail account then please contact us by emailing or calling 541.582.8154 for assistance.