Internet Marketing Strategies

We focus on proven strategies to gain Internet market share and increase our clients ROI. Below are some of the proven internet marketing strategies we employ.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a critical element that helps determine the success of any web site. Proper traffic directed to your web site can greatly effect your business.


Ashland Springs Hotel – Google ranking #1

Our search engine optimization efforts are primarily focused on the two following elements:

On-Page SEO

We analyze your web sites content, coding structure, and overall effectiveness to make sure your foundation is properly set for great rankings.

Off-Page SEO

We focus a lot of effort on making sure your site is integrated properly with the available Google, Yahoo, and Bing tools. These include a properly formatted sitemap, data feeds to the search engines, image optimization for search results, etc.

Search Engine Marketing

Paid advertisements on search engines have proven themselves to be a cost effective way to generate qualified leads. Through our partnerships we can assist you with CPC advertising and sponsorships on various web sites to direct traffic to your site.

Tom's Bronco Parts - SEM

Tom’s Bronco Parts – SEM

Also, banner advertisements can also be an effective way to advertise to targeted users. Find out ways you can achieve better results by contacting us today.

Social Media Marketing

How can you really take advantage of the Social Media trends online and build buzz for your brand? Many businesses don’t understand how to take full advantage of these very powerful tools. Our goal is to help educate clients on the effectiveness of these campaigns and also establishing a realistic plan to help promote their company.

There are three important aspects to Social Media Marketing, or SMM for short:

  • Create buzz. Buzz about your brand, products, or services spreads quickly virally through these networks by users, not paid advertisements. This buzz, hopefully positive, can quickly build your brand awareness.
  • Get fans of your brand or company. Fans of your business can and will help promote what your offering through properly formatted fan pages, giving them a way to help support your company.
  • Listen to the conversations. Social media personalizes your contacts by letting everyone talk and converse in a more friendly environment.

Let us help you plan the proper SMM campaign and truly utilize this way of doing business online.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very powerful way to keep a strong communication trail with your existing or potential clients. Regularly keeping your brand in front of these users will ensure they will remember your brand the next time they need your product or service.

We can help build a strong email list, design the campaign graphics and content, send the message, and analyze/track the results. Through our powerful agency relationship with MailChimp, we have experienced great results for our clients. Also, we’ve designed and sent campaigns through other email tools such as Constant Contact, Campaigner, MyEmma, and others.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you know what your conversion rate is? Your conversion rate for your web site is basically the percentage of visitors that came to your site and accomplished any given goal during a period of time. For example if you have 100 visitors to your web site and 2 of them purchased products, your conversion rate is 2%.

By optimizing your site for conversions, you can increase revenue by achieving more sales/goals from the users already visiting your site. This process includes split A/B testing, variable content displayed per user group, strong call to actions, etc.

Through our experience and partnerships we can dig into what converts users to customers on your web site.

Web Site Analytics

Do you ever look at your analytics for your web site? Analyzing your visitors and tracking their movement through your web site is critical to understand areas of improvement.

We can educate our clients on their analytics (or web site stats) as well as setup Google Analytics accounts with goals for better tracking. We can customize reports that you can receive on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

DNA Web Agency - Google Analytics

DNA Web Agency – Google Analytics

Internet Consulting / Analysis

If you currently have a site and development firm but need assistance with Internet consulting, analysis of your current efforts, or ideas for improvement we’re here to help. We have many years combined experience and are regularly staying on top of trends to better educate our clients.