Google Analytics | View your web site statistics.

Google Analytics is usually the tool we use for tracking our clients web site statistics, conversions, and goals. For most of our clients, we setup their Analytics account and integrate the code necessary for Google to automatically start tracking. The following information walks you through the necessary steps to view the analytics data that is already setup on your web site.

First: Setup a Google account with your email address

You need to create a Google account with your email address. Here’s the link to the Google account signup page:

Click Here To Create A Google Account

Note: When you create your Google account, don’t worry about setting up an Analytics account, this has already been done for you. You just need an account to login on.

Second: Login to Google Analytics with your account info

Here is a quick link once you setup your Google account to actually view your analytics:

Click Here To Go Directly To Google Analytics

You can login anytime to view your Analytics. Another item to note is that this won’t display the history of your sites traffic, rather, it will start from the date this account was setup. If you need to view the older traffic reports for your web site, it will usually be stored on your server.