DNA Web Agency is in Medford, Oregon

After 10 years in Southern Oregon’s beautiful Rogue River, we’ve decided to relocate our main office to Medford. We sincerely hope that everyone finds this move as convenient and appropriate as we do.

Among the many reasons for our move, at the top of the list were ‘location’ and ‘expense’… yes, moving to Medford is actually going to help cut costs for us and in the current state that we find our economy, that’s a good thing! We also believe that being located in Southern Oregon’s thriving city will make consultations and meetings easier for all of us.

The only changes to our contact information will be our physical address and fax line:

2040 Milligan Way
Floor 2
Medford, OR 97504
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Fax: Since we never use our fax line, we’ve canceled this service.

Our other contact information which is the same:

Phone: 541.582.8154

PO Box 2009
Rogue River, OR 97537

Please feel free to stop by and see us in the Million Air building at the airport:

Million Air Building

DNA Web Agency in Medford Oregon