Social Media: How To Create A Facebook URL For Pages

If you are a Facebook user and have created a page for your business/band/whatever, you know doubt have wondered how to create a nice URL to advertise. For example, instead of which is much easier to advertise and remember.

Create A Custom Facebook URL

Create A Custom Facebook URL

  1. You must have a Facebook account.
  2. You must go to this URL once you’re account is created:
  3. The page will tell you that your username has already been set (Assuming you have set one)
  4. IMPORTANT – Just under the yellow box that tells you your username is already set, there is a link that says “Set a username for your Pages.” Click this link.
  5. Now you will see a select box come up, select the page you want to create a username for.
  6. Type in the username and push the button to check the availability.
  7. Facebook will warn you about transferring ownership to another person, etc.
  8. Once you have confirmed with Facebook your username should be set

Now you can access your Facebook Page from!

Ours is:

If you need further assistance with this, we’d be glad to setup your Facebook pages or Account for you. Click here for more information on our Social Media services.