Displaying New Products in Magento With Pagination

Just recently we ran into an issue where we wanted to display all new products added to a specific category in our Magento site, with pagination. To make things more complicated, we wanted to display this by using a CMS page. The default functionality that Magento provides for new products just didn’t cut it in […]

Website Security Scanner

With the horror stories about websites getting hacked and leaving businesses stranded, we’ve created a proactive approach to protecting our client’s websites. Introducing our Website Security and Integrity service that regularly monitors your websites activities, and if an issue is found, we fix it for you. Let’s face it, there is an alarming amount of […]

Changing the Look of the Magento Store Switcher/Selector

In our last post we discussed how to move the Magento Store Switcher/Selector from the footer to the header. Now that you have moved the store switcher to the header you will probably want to change it’s appearance. For example – you might want an unordered list of links instead of a select drop down. […]

Moving the Magento Store Switcher / Selector

Anyone who has dabbled in making multiple stores in Magento has eventually wanted to change the way the Magento store switcher (also referred to as the Magento store selector) works. By default Magento provides a store switcher in the form of a select menu. The store switcher is located in the footer of the site […]

WordCamp SF Here We Come!

We’re very excited to be attending the WordCamp San Francisco WordPress conference. There’s a new version of WordPress (3.0) looming and there’s a sense that some information will be presented about it. This should be a great tool for all of our customers to keep their websites progressing on the best platform available! This years […]

Target Local Business with Google Local

Most likely you’ve searched Google and have noticed local businesses appearing at the top of a page along side a map. This is Google Local. To get the most out of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is a must! With Google Local, your clients will see local listings appear above even the organic listings. […]

Website vs. Web Site – Which one is right?

Since the launch of our new website on the WordPress platform, we’ve strategically used the term “website” all throughout our pages. This morning though, when looking through our content, the question was brought up whether it should be spelled website or web site. After some quick Googling, grammatically “web site” may be more accurate, however, […]

The Ternary Operator: Usage and Examples

This article is meant for users of PHP, however, it may be a good resource for other programming languages as well. What is the Ternary Operator? The ternary operator is an operator that takes three arguments. The first argument is a comparison argument, the second is the result upon a true comparison, and the third […]

DNA Web Agency is in Medford, Oregon

After 10 years in Southern Oregon’s beautiful Rogue River, we’ve decided to relocate our main office to Medford. We sincerely hope that everyone finds this move as convenient and appropriate as we do. Among the many reasons for our move, at the top of the list were ‘location’ and ‘expense’… yes, moving to Medford is […]

DNA Website Featured on www.welovewp.com

We are excited to say that after hearing back from the guys over at www.welovewp.com, we can announce that our site has been featured on their WordPress website design gallery! Check it out and rate our site.